VVAA “Expanding vs spa.RK” 10″


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Una petita joia de col·leccionista feta amb una atenció de les que no són freqüents: un picture disc 10” de l’entente cordiale entre el segell barceloní spa.RK i els amics londinencs d’Expanding Records. A la cara spa.RK una nova delicadesa de .tape. després del seu exquisit “Paintings”, el dub gasificat de Luap i els sempre precisos i excel·lents Eedl; obrint la cara Expanding, el sempre magnífic Flotel, Modern Institute i la seva electrònica de tints purs i un tema del gironí Monoceros aprofundint en la seva vessant de paisatgisme digital i melodies vibrants. Simplement preciós.

“Marvellous 10″ picture disc from the combined team up of Expanding and Barcelona’s Spark label. A great follow up to the excellent Expanding / Static Caravan split from a few years back and a really beautiful selection of music all round. On the Expanding side we have Flotel, Modern Institute and Monoceros all delivering delightfully melodic pieces of work with plenty of lush organic tones – particularly the splendid Flotel track which has a wonderful guitar feel and a subtle electronic tone. Monoceros gets into some pure melodic vibes and, for me, actually is one of his most lovely tracks to date… cracking artist. The flip comes from .Tape., Luap and Eedl and it’s a cracking collection of purist electronica that’ll warm your cockles and melt your heart. A lovely collectors piece of which there are only around about 250 copies of in the country… you know what to do! Recommended.” (Smallfish)