Phluidbox “Alter EP”

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L’americà Phluidbox va ser el responsable, el 2002, de la nostra primera referència en vinil, “Alter EP” (sp5), un 12’’ que combinava la precisió del dub electrònic, el bleep-hop i la concreció emocional, amb abundants bleeps i detalls paisatgistes. En vinil de 160 grams, un disc sold-out i un clàssic al nostre catàleg.

“Busily precise electronic music (…). For Fitzpatrick’s first release as Phluidbox, These Found Habits is very strong and should place him on the list of artists to look out for in the future.” Paul Lloyd. Igloo Mag.

“I am quite optimistic as I listen to the next release by Phluidbox “these found habits ep”. This is a mix between harder Mouse on Mars stuff (the distorted layers of sounds that sound a bit like a my bloody valentine guitar and the lively rhythms) and a bit rougher Arovane. I also think of the dancier stuff on Suction records. On the other hand he also gets quite friendly and calm as he stops the beats completely in the last track. Very good debut.” René Malgraff. Substanzine.