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Wooky’s long-play debut, for we’ve already seen him release two 12’’ on his own label, is named after the mountain that overlooks Barcelona from the south, “Montjuïc” and its eight tracks take us into an eternal dream state, not just a mental but also a physical journey through different moods, cosmic trips, rhythmic catharsis and emotional warmth. His style is identifiable from the first listen: a fondness for pure electronica, a flawless capacity for melody and to instil in his music his passion for 90s electronica, early electro, the steamiest drum’n’bass and the most entrancing step. Stylish and rhythmic, with the sharpest of instincts for almost instantaneous melodies and a nightful of flashes and blinding light, Wooky can create epic melodies and thrill us with a hint of the intimate yet laberynthic, and his powerful breaks drift into meticulous rhythmic patterns and dramatic, romance-filled changes of pace. An album that irradiates light, another diamond to have come out an effervescent Barcelona that continues to surprise us from one day to the next.

“Al armar su debut sobre cimientos sólidos, “Montjuïc” se muestra tan familiar y rocoso como la montaña barcelonesa de la que toma prestado su nombre. Esa tendencia es férrea, se mantiene hasta el final en un recorrido corto que deja con ganas de una prórroga, donde se conjura el pasado para dar sentido a un presente donde lo importante no es la nostalgia, sino seguir soñando con el futuro. Es cierto que son tiempos poco soñadores, pero Wooky se resiste a la derrota. El primer disco electrónico español del año cumple con honra, oficio y pasión.” (Javier Blánquez, Playground)

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