.tape. “Repainted”


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After .tape.’s “Paintings” album in 2005, we couldn’t refuse to the temptation of leaving some of his favorite artists (Japanese Sora and Shugo Tokumaru, or French master Sebastien Roux) mess and reconfigure his magic loops made with toy guitars, colorful plastic xylophones and different gadgets. But then other friends subscribed also the idea and this is how the most playful electronica (ISAN, Bradien), the kings of Brit-folktronics (Tunng), the local delegation (Eedl, Do) and the most delicate european electronic artists (Bichi, Rumpistol and The Village Orchestra) joined the party. The album was followed by a gorgeous 7’’ with two exclusive remixes: ex-Piano Magic Arbol on the A-side, baked with spa.RK honcho Fibla remix.