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Avilés, Asturias, 1999. Daniel Romero creates .tape. in order to turn his room into a magical sound device, mixing folk guitars with bleeps, 8-bit sounds with toy instruments and cheap keyboards. After a few appearances in local fanzines cdrs and underground labels, on his first record for spa.RK, .tape. opens the doors of his universe to different guest collaborators who have contributed with sounds, and even vocals, to .tape.’s own special sound treatment. Without losing one bit of freshness and luminosity, .tape. leaves behind his lo-fi productions and spins a web of sinewaves, loops and crystal-clear jinglings that turn this new work into the perfect mix of outsider toy-pop twilight melodies and electronic lullabies, low-budget bedroom songwriting, post-folk landscapes and drone experimentation. A record full of poetry and emotional intensity, intimate and delicate, allowing us a view of the very special and private world in which .tape. organizes and reorganizes his sound universe.

“Under the moniker .tape. (not to be confused with the Häpna group Tape), Spanish artist Daniel Romero alchemizes acoustic guitar, xylophone, accordion, and violin sounds into warm and crystal-clear electronic lullabies on his spa.RK debut Paintings. And that they literally are, as each of the ten pieces presents a richly coloured canvas of tiny noises, bubbly loops, and luminous toy melodies. Intricately detailed, folktronic landscapes like “With Paul” are wholly inviting, summery in spirit, and free of abrasive dissonance. “Frankly Rendered” seems a collision of two pieces, one a frantic stream of scurrying electronics, the other a peaceful intermingling of warm sine tones, xylophone, and toy percussion while “Mountain Office” offers a more crystalline take on the ambient-glitch stereotype. The addition of soft vocals (from Paul Slocum and Steven Scott), violin, and double bass (from Angélica Negrón and Luis Solis) sweetens considerably Romero’s sparkling base during “The Projectionist.” Paintings is an inarguably accomplished collection that will definitely appeal to listeners seeking out an Oval-Lullatone hybrid.” (Texture)

“No es Pascal Comelade ni The Microphones. No es Gastr del Sol ni Nobukazu Takemura, aunque bebe de todos ellos: ‘Paintings’ es la confirmación de una personalidad única rozando la perfección. Tres individualidades para caer rendido: el sonido líquido y juguetón de los Mouse on Mars de”Autoditacker” en “With Paul” (aunque éste salpica todo el disco), el pop pluscuamperfecto en la gloriosa “The projectionist”, con la voz invitada de Steven Scott de Text Adventure (segundo corte cantado tras el “Smoke resp” de su disco del 2003, “Postcards/Snowing biciclettes”, y otra diana que le debería obligar a hacerlo más a menudo) y la anteriormente citada ‘You’ve bought a minicity free of plastic squirrels”. Disco del año.” (9,25/10. Avantfolk)