Híbrida, Nen i Cavall “Permafrost”


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Híbrida, Nen i Cavall, like their name (which translates as ‘Hybrid, Boy and Horse’), play with mystery. Although there are some tangible facts, such as it being a band formed by Martí, Marc and his brother Aleix. The rest belongs to the intangible terrain: how impalpable their music is and how hard it is to accurately identify some of their sounds and how it all results in an absolutely personal discourse, in which mental images and the music go hand in hand. Lounge-shoegazing, space-gaze, noise, drone, landscapism electronica, experimental psychedelia, alien post-rock or ambient indie, with echos of Scott Walker, Mark Hollis or Boards of Canada, images taken from J.G. Ballard universe, My Bloody Valentine posses and Deerhoof energy. Kaleidoscopic and hypnotic, “Permafrost” hides behind a dark but deliberate coldness that brims with passion. A project that produces more questions than answers and that needs to be explored without following any route-maps.

“Multitud de referencias cotidianas y muy reconocibles, que le dan al conjunto un halo de familiaridad, pero luego emborrona esas referencias detrás de gestos extravagantes. Un auténtico elogio de la fractura, delicioso y surrealista, que no tiene equivalentes en este país.” (Go Mag) 

“Híbrida, Nen i Cavall son uno de esos secretos a voces del subsuelo barcelonés que hay que destapar sí o sí… Por eso hay que celebrar que el sello spa.RK dedique su referencia número 25 a un disco tan especial como “Permafrost”” (Fantastic Plastic Magazine)

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