Fibla “Vs Fbl Remixes” LP


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“Vs Fbl Rmxs” is a vinyl-only album containing remixes based on Fibla original compositions, not from the acclaimed “Lent” album (released on 2003) but from different tracks previously released on compilations, with an excellent cast of guests like L’Usine, Stendec, Braille, Rec_Overflow, Eedl, Ola Bergman, Phluidbox and .tape. A collection of tracks that will appeal to electronica lovers and vinyl music collectors, proving that seemingly different approaches are sometimes closer than one could expect, while paradoxically highlighting the diversification of current electronic styles. A colour chart of amazing tones.

“A majestic and overwhelming fusion of hip-hop, impressive use of melody and of course, minimalist electronics. Another superb addition to the spa.RK brand.” (9/10. Angryape)