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Fibla debuted in 2000 on the Sub Rosa/Quatermass label with “Landscopes”. Once spa.RK was started in 2001, he released “Lent” (sp7cd/lp) in 2003, his second stroke after a bunch of collaborations on labels, remixes and live sets. “Lent” finds Fibla in composed and fully assured form, employing trademark electronic elements, yet finding enough distinction to set it above and beyond the vast conveyor belt of the contemporary electronic scene. There’s an unhurried, slow motion grace at the heart of this release, and it shows considerable amounts of heart and feeling at every turn. Just stick it on continuous play for a while and the feeling starts to build…

“Fibla’s album delivers some winners. its sensibility is definitely 20th century, investing in solid tune-based arrangements over the all too frequent relentless avant-noise experimentation of 21st century electronica, but it’s not afraid to delve into the depths of other subgenres too (glitch-hop anyone? see ‘inside’). at times it can be derivative, but its effort to transform influences into its own aesthetic is rewarding, and the album is infinitely playable.” (Absorb Mag)

“Fibla – Lent is exactly the album of that old electronic music. It sounds sweet for those who lack music which was created because it’s form is lovely for the artist and not because it is “the best selling good at the time”. We do value this sincerity, too. At this time Lent does not have as much analogue albums as it would have back in the 2000. Arovane. Phonem. Spark. Quench. Nautilis. Fibla has created a insanly quality album. You can feel how perfectly a bold and stable look is kept while listening to it. And at the same time it is not a “one note” album. It is obvious that this album is very mature and varying (this variety must be a result of long recording process of the album (2001-2003). Very beautiful.” (10/10. Sutemos)

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