Eedl “Parallemped EP”


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Barcelona duo Eedl was our first spanish bet. Tasty electronica full of tracks balancing from rythmic deconstruction to dreamy soundscapism, from noise to harmony, all this in a proposal of high density, a genuine sense for the lovely melodies and an obsesive attention to the details. Warm ambiences and complexity, emotivity and deepness at the same level, with the extra pleasure of an amazing remix by prolific artist Lackluster.

“The crunchy elements, melodic ambient orchestrations and noisy atmospheres have been put together in a very detailed way. Eedl know what they are doing, proving to be able to deliver some well-produced warm electronic stylings and at the same time a unique blend of lush melodies and deep, complex noisy beat constructions. The latest track, a remix by Lackluster (U-Cover, Merck), being Esa Ruoho fits this concept nicely. Eedl could become one of the shooting stars of the electronic scene. Let’s wait and see!” (Phosphor Magazine)

“Von klaren Sci-Fi Beats bis hin zu fast reinem Soundtrack, von schweren HipHop Beats in direkter Nähe zu polyrhythmischen Ideen bis hin zu Untersuchungen von Frequenzen und synthetischen Sprachen eine Platte, die bei allen abstrakten Electronika Nuancen dennoch immer sehr gut im Flow ist und nie auch nur in die Nähe von kitschigen Melodien driftet. Als Bonus ein Esa Ruoho Remix, der gegen die Tracks von Eedl fast schon wie der abstrahierte Zuckerguss eines 80er Popstücks klingt.” (5/5. De-Bug)