bRUNA “Thence Remixes”


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The perfect side dish it’s now here, and which so wonderfully reflects bRUNA’s duality: the precise midpoint between the dancefloor and emotional catharsis. Five remixes of tracks from “Thence” by fellow artists of unquestionable talent who, in one way or another, are part of the booming wave of Spanish electronica that seems to be right at its peak: Alizzz in an epic tune with hints of r’n’b, tecnho masters such Henry Saiz or Marc Marzenit, steamily drifting electronica from Lost Twin and even an extended version by bRUNA himself.

“On his remix of bRUNA’s “Closer,” Brighton-based producer Lost Twin tones down the summer-soaked vibes of the Barcelona resident’s original. In its new form, “Closer”—a cut pulled from bRUNA’s 2013 Thence album for hometown label spa.RK—the track is reimagined as a stoney piece of understated boom-bap, its radiant synth lines subdued by hazy textures and lo-fi filtering.” (XLR8)

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