Bradien + Eduard Escoffet “Pols”


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First release by Bradien band collaboration with the poet Escoffet could be described, in the simplest possible terms, as an electronica and spoken word album. But it’s much more than that: “Pols” is a treatise in which poetry plays with the exotica, Japanese minimalist pop blends into flirtations with dub and timeless soundtracks are swathed in elusive samples and loops and the echoes of distant islands. Eduard’s profound voice, while appearing to float over themes, recites and whispers verses that are sharp and poignant, yet also intimate and mysterious, in which the words play with each other and drift to the rhythm of trumpets, bass-lines, and typically Bradien-esque arrangements, which manage to make things optimistic, light and evanescent. Like the the cover – designed by Todojunto and printed and assembled in artisan fashion- which opens up to reveal further secrets of such a deliciously blunt album. Produced by Australian Simon Walbrook, the result is a dialogue packed with a delicate crescendo of musical and textual nuances.


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