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Bradien and Eduard Escoffet are back on track with their second album, “Escala”. This new installment sets them beyond, in a space where no rules apply. Its proposal belongs to a galaxy of unstable atmospheres where sounds flirt with the voice, melody with tone and molecules with atoms. They work it is in alliance with the german and american experimenters, on the boundaries (if they exist) between art and pop music, one step into electronica and another into the realm of the Word. Even so, “Escala” unveils itself as a profound album, mature but inasible, non-indulgent, full of edges, turns and overlapped lectures that transform the listening experience into a horizon of senses.

“Escala” survives the digital production avalanche, it becomes physical and embodies itself into reality. “Escala” is leading the way, but allows itself to be advised, it suggests and restates. All eight hands are in deck with a bunch of deluxe collaborations such as the multifaceted Lydia Lunch, unofficial princess of the underground culture shifting boundaries from Foetus to Michael Gira, from Nick Cave to Sonic Youth and beyond. The Brazilian legend Arnaldo Antunes is also on the guest list.

Still who shares a bigger role on this endeavor is ex-Kreidler and ex-To Rococo Rot Stefan Schneider who’s been in charge of the production of the album. Beyond that, Schneider has merged temporarily with the band as a single body, cleaning, polishing and adding layers of shadows, vibraphone and synth lines. Those additions inject depth to the shady brightness of Bradien and Escoffet, becoming a game of contrasts, between public and private live; “Escala” a fellinian portray.

Limited 180 gr vinyl edition with gorgeous cover by Todojunto.

“Den musikalischen Sensibilitäten von Bradien kommt das durchaus entgegen, die aus Einflüssen von Exotica und Soundtrack, von Penguin Café Orchestra bis People Like Us den Worten einen zwar abgetönteren, aber immer noch unerschütterlich liebenswürdigen Background weben. Wie in einem Gemälde von Henri Rousseau, und darin liegt die besondere Magie, entfalten sich vor dieser schattigen Leichtigkeit philosophisch-persönliche Dramen der Existenz.” (HHV-Mag)

“Si ‘Pols’ era una llavor, el creixement aconseguit a ‘Escala’ és gairebé tridimensional. Perquè hi ha mil maneres d’escoltar aquest disc tan curt i inesgotable. Pots fixar-te en com Escoffet reiventa a cada cançó la manera d’encarar la interpretació dels seus versos tot exhibint més versatilitat que la majoria de cantants d’aquest país. Pots estudiar com els Bradien també renuncien a tot el que han aconseguit en la peça anterior per buscar una nova manera d’existir cada dos minuts. Pots explorar els sentit d’aquests haikus amb forma de bumerang.” (TimeOut Barcelona)

“Dicción arrítmica, deslizante, monocorde, relatos de ultratumba, poética robótica, guitarras emotivas…” (Rock De Lux)

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