Arbol + Fibla “Bu san”


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Fibla and Arbol, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of BAFF (Barcelona Asian Film Festival) accepted the proposal to create a new soundtrack for the almost silent movie of Taiwanese director Tsai Ming-Liang, “Goodbye, Dragon Inn”, to be performed with a live screening of the movie. This lovely record is the studio recreation of that music, adapted to be a perfect home listening album that works perfectly without the movie pictures: they used xylophones, percussion, laptop, ocarina, piano, glockenspiel and even a Chinese harp. Miguel Marín and Vicent Fibla in a four-hand work that incorporates elements of the two artists and heightens the possibilities of each one. Sara Pérez contributes with the nostalgia and melancholy of her violin to the final work where melodies are paired with synthetic rhodes and magnificient strings; the sound of an old projector lightens the loneliness of the characters in the movie; the omnipresent rain in Taiwanese weather is the perfect background for a not corresponded last dance… Pure emotion, “Bu san” is a love letter to an evanescent form of art that distills a very special form of magic.