Established in 2001 in Barcelona, 30 references (long plays, eps and singles) on CD and vinyl (12”, 10” or 7”) and a roaster of artists including Eedl duo, Híbrida Nen i Cavall band, Bradien trio alongside the catalan poet Eduard Escoffet and one-man names such Daniel .tape. Romero, Arbol, bRUNA, Fibla, Luap and Wooky, and also other works released throughout the years by people such as Zooey or Rec_Overflown and friends participating in remixes and compilations like Henry Saiz, Sebastien Roux, Alizzz, Meneo, Shugo Tokumaru, Marc Marzenit, Don The Tiger, Tunng, ISAN, L’Usine, Ola Bergman or Lackluster among others. We’ve also organized a back time ago seminal electronica sessions and gigs in Barcelona under the name of Versus Electronics, that was also the name of our radio program at Scanner FM. In 2012 we started Eufònic festival in Terres de l’Ebre, a contemporary new media audio-visual arts festival, directed by Fibla.

If you are interested in booking our artists, fee free to contact us.

We work with friends and local artists, but if you think you could be part of our family, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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We work with major record stores around, but if you can not find our albums in your favorite store, you can buy them at our website, where we have made an effort to keep low prices and shipping costs.

Shipping to Spain
CD – 0,5€
LP – 2€

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