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By 30 de June de 2015 General

The festival of contemporary culture of the Empordà – Ingràvid in Figueras lands in Arts Santa Mònica with a selection of their proposals, conversations with artists and exhibition of art. In the program, Bradien + Eduard Escoffet will be playing in Thursday 2nd July at cloister of Santa Mònica (21:45h, free entry) presenting his new album “Escala”, produced by Stefan Schneider. “Escala” situates Bradien + Escoffet further, in a particular space where  there is no rules: their proposal travels in a galaxy of unstable airs, where they play with sounds and voice, melody and tone, molecules and atoms, in the league of German or American experimentalists, in the border -if it exists- that separates the art of the pop, with a foot in electronics and another one in the domain of the word. And regardless, or perhaps therefore, “Escala” is a deep album, mature but inasible, all pleasing, with its edges and dark corners, with readings that superimpose  and that convert its listening in a continuous source of feelings.

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