Daniel Romero is a musician based between Asturias, north of Spain (a land of rough ocean and green valleys) and Lyon, France, where he’s involved in Montpellier Theatre. In a very short time he has molded a very personal discourse based on lo-fi, toy instruments and low budget electronic pop. With his project .TAPE., his collaboration with the label-colective Sinclair-rrr and his own label (Ambulatore) has established his name up front of a new generation of musicians and his work receives admiration from Japan till Mexico. On spa.RK you can find “Paintings” (sp11, 2005) and “Repainted” (sp15), plus “Repainted” lovely 7” (sp16), both on 2008. | Web


Arbol had already debuted on spa.RK in 2008 with an excellent remix for .tape. “Repainted” 7” (2008) and “Bu san” album (sp19, 2009) alongside with Fibla. The musician from Seville needs almost no introduction: from his past with seminal Sr. Chinarro band and his militancy in English combo Piano Magic, he moved on to movie soundtracks (Bigas Luna), sound installations (Spanish pavilion in Shanghai 2010), collaborations with dance companies and a new project, Montgomery band. “She reads the wrong book” (sp22) is his last album, released on spa.RK in january 2012, a gorgeous delicate work. | Web


Bradien is a band formed by Matías Rossi, Pope and Balbini. Established in 2005, since then they have gigged with artists such as Shiu Yeung Hui (from Maher Shalal Hash Baz) or Yo La Tengo (who encouraged everybody from the stage to follow Bradien career). “Linden” was their 2009 debut on spa.RK, with the production of Simon Walbrook -one of the producers of Kook Keith’s “The Return Of Dr Octagon”- and multiple collaborators (on cello, DJ/rupture collaborator Jenny Jones; the American poet John Giorno; Pablo Ribas; Dave Harris). They are now engaged in a new project alongside Catalan poet Eduard Escoffet. | Web


In June of 2009, the band Bradien and Barcelona poet Eduard Escoffet began to work together. The band had just finished their debut album “Linden” (sp18), an album that included a poem of the American poet John Giorno recited by himself (“Everyone gets lighter”). When playing live, Eduard Escoffet did sometimes Giorno’s part and that lead to the band to a new interest in poetry and the exploration of voice as a sound. They began to work together and a few tracks were followed by a whole album, “Pols” (sp23) released on spa.RK on autumn 2012. In 2014 “Polsim” (sp28), a lovely and ultralimited 7’’, was released, featuring Meneo and Don The Tiger remixes, plus Xtrngr and Msecam remixes on digital version. New “Escala” album, procuded by Stefan Schneider (To Rococo Rot) will be released in spring 2015. | Web


In 2009 bRUNA was most eagerly awaited new name in Spanish electronica scene. His career as a dj and musician brought him to Red Bull Music Academy in Toronto in 2007 and several times to Sónar festival. After the acclaimed “And it matters to me to see you smiling” (sp17cd/lp), his debut album on spa.RK on 2009, in january 2013 sees the light “Thence” (sp24cd/lp), its best follow-up, bringing new flavour to his cathartic melodies with a prodigious wink to the dancefloor. In 2014 a remixes 12’’ (sp27) was released, including Henry Saiz, Alizzz, Marc Marzenit and Lost Twin remixes. | Web




Barcelona duo Eedl are a well-known name in electronica scene, balancing from rhythmic deconstruction to dreamy soundscapism, from noise to harmony, all in a genuine sense for lovely melodies and an obsessive attention to the details. Warm ambiences and complexity, emotivity and deepness at the same level. With impresive live acts at Sónar or Mira! festivals, they released ”Parallemped EP” (sp8) in 2006 and their debut album “Everse” (sp14cd/lp) in 2007. Now Eedl are a sleeping cell. | Web


Fiblahas released on much-respected label Sub Rosa / Quatermass (Belgium) and participated on labels such Expanding, Benbecula, Couchblip, Klangkrieg, Underscan, Mentalgroove, Cosmos or Semántica among others. He is also co-running spa.RK label, where he released his second stroke “Lent” (sp7cd/lp) in 2003, a remixes vinyl (sp9lp) in 2004, “Liants” (sp12) in 2007 and “Bu san” (sp19) in 2009, with Arbol. Airy textures and subtle rhythms patterns filled with a taste for smooth arhythmic methodicity and melodies, everything interweawed on a solid sound. | Web


Misterious Barcelona-based band Híbrida, Nen i Cavall (not that the name makes a lot of sense, don’t panic) are a creative cell formed by Martí Ruids, sound artist and inventor of impossible instruments; Marc, the man behind electronica project Koulomek and Telenokia visual collective ; and his brother Aleix, filmmaker, videoclip director for Prefuse73 or Deerhoof and singer in HNiC. Shoe-gaze, bizarre electronica, indie ambient, drone and much more in this project emerging from Barcelona underground scene. They also lead the much admired ultraunderground Hamster Loco netlabel. “Permafrost” (sp25) was his proper debut in spa.RK, and we’re expecting much more from them. | Web


Paul lives in the small town in the north of Spain, Prezanes, after a few years living, studing and djing in Barcelona, where he was resident in several seminal nights of electronica and even opened for Prefuse 73 at Sónar. He debuted on spa.RK with a track in 10″ spa.RK vs Expanding release (sp13), and excellent “Dobra” album (sp20lp) on clear vinyl late 2010.


Albert Salinas is a Barcelona musician operating under the Wooky moniker since 2009, when he launched his own imprint Lapsus and released “The Ark” EP, and turned to a festival and a radio program. In his music he paints landscapes of timeless IDM electronica, with some abstract brushstrokes in the arrangements, but with firm foundations in the structures and basslines that can handle anything thrown at them. He played at Sónar, LEV or Faraday, and Wooky + Videokratz live show was a highlight on last Mira festival edition. His debut album, “Montjuïc” (sp26cd/lp) was released both cd and vinyl in 2013. | Web


PhD in Fine Arts, MSc in Sound Design and MA in Visual and Media Arts, Comelles is currently involved in several individual and collective artistic projects that come into direct relationship with the soundscape and composition. Since 2006, his works have been published by labels such as Resting Bell (Berlin), Test Tube and Impulsive Habitat (Portugal) or Audiotalaia (Spain), and played in festivals in Stockholm, Vienna, Mexico, Bristol or London, leading to live performance his personal project and Cello + Laptop project (in collaboration with Sara Galán) with which he appeared at Sónar 2013. After several releases on his own label, Audiotalaia, Edu is landing in spa.RK with a new, astonishing album, a new step on his career. | Web