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bRUNA, .TAPE. & FIBLA remixing Úrsula

By 26 de novembre de 2013 General

It seems like yesterday, but it’s been ten years since David Cordero aka Úrsula presented “La banda sonora de mi funeral”. Ten years later, Ursula has released several albums, eps and singles and the band have grown to be sometimes a one-man project or a band that involves other friends and artists. To celebrate the 10th anniversary, Cordero has gathered some of this friends and contributors to make a personal twist to his tracks in an album entitled “10 años por amigos”. spa.RK contributes with bRUNA, FIBLA and .TAPE. remixing or covering three of their favorite tracks of Úrsula discography. The CD is already available in Foehn Records and you can stream the whole album in bandcamp.

Foehn Records | Úrsula

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